Roar & Tonic Kombucha Yoghurt is the creation of a few passionate foodies, who love living life to the full, staying healthy and pushing the envelope. The many hats we wear each day are what drives us, and we wanted  a tonic to fuel the roaring adventure we call life.

We love dairy and know that fresh milk and cream make amazing tasting yoghurt, that’s naturally pretty good for gut health.

We also know that Kombucha tastes amazing and is also great for a healthy gut.

So we got to thinking…..why not make Kombucha yoghurt?

The result is Roar & Tonic Kombucha Yoghurt that harnesses all the benefits of live cultures that are so wonderful for your body and make you feel refreshed and recharged! We’ve even left space for the cultures to keep bubbling.

Our flavours are refreshing and punchy to make the tastebuds tingle. We think we are on to something.

Try it and you will see.